Jimmy Kimmel Receives a Colonoscopy on His Show

Jimmy Kimmel recently turned 50 years old. Therefore, he decided to get a colonoscopy and film it for an episode of his show. 50 is the age that the American Cancer Society believes that people should start getting screened for colon cancer. Kimmel made jokes with the doctor about the procedure. Katie Couric was also in the hospital with Kimmel before he was wheeled into the operating room. Couric made headlines when she had a colonoscopy while she was a host on the “Today” show.

Jimmy Kimmel was then given his colonoscopy and it turned out that he did not have any cancer. He said the experience is not as bad as people make it out to be. However, he said the preparation for the procedure is much worse than the colonoscopy itself. This is because he had to take a very powerful laxative that cleaned out his colon so the procedure could be performed. He said that he felt very weak as a result of taking the laxative. He said that he was glad that he did not have to do this again for another four years. However, he encouraged every person over the age of 50 to get a colonoscopy.

Another reason that Katie Couric was there is because her husband was killed by colon cancer in 1997. This is why it is so important to her for people to get screened for cancer. Kimmel said he was happy that the whole process was over. However, he could not sit down for a week.

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