Jimmy Kimmel Live! Going Bananas Over President Trump And The Hatchimals

You could say, that late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel is knocking his shows out of the ballpark this week. He’s on fire, and this time zeroing in on the hot Christmas toy, the Hatchimal and of course, the country’s new President Donald Trump.


There is actually a class action-lawsuit against the Hatchimals maker, because some parents claim these toys are not hatching as advertised. The $80 Hatchimal is the fuzzy interactive toy that hatches out of an egg. Apparently, angry moms and dads believe an unhatched Hatchimal is terrible for a young child, causing frustration, tears and disappointment.


Parents claim their kids followed the instructions included in the packaging in attempts to hatch the toy but to no avail. The creatures remain in their eggs, unhatched.


Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at the toy, creating a spoof, The Disappointamals. Watch the hilarious sketch here on YouTube.


Jimmy Kimmel also nailed President Trump in this too funny spoof trailer, as seen here on YouTube. The trailer has fun with the number one movie in America, The Split. The flick is about a kidnapper with multiple personalities. Except in Jimmy Kimmel’s Split 2, a sequel to the movie, he features President Trump in the lead role.


In the real movie thriller, The Split, actor James McAvoy plays the role of a man with 23 personalities. In Jimmy Kimmel’s trailer, Trump also has 23 personalities. The funny bit is less than 2 minutes long but knee-slapping and a must-see.




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