Jimmy Kimmel Lights up ABC’s Upfronts

When it comes to slinging zingers, Jimmy Kimmel has never been shy. And his recent performance at ABC’s advertiser presentation was certainly no exception. The late-night comedian took to the stage to lambast the network’s failing shows, joking that it couldn’t even make a deal with the devil. Then he went on to joke about Comcast coming back into the picture, comparing the company to an ex-boyfriend who “weasels” his way back into a gal’s life.


Of course, the elephant in the room was the absence of Shonda Rhimes show as she has gone on to work with Netflix. And Kimmel had a good time making fun of the situation, no jokes were off limits. He made light of the fact that “Quantico” and “Deception” had fared so poorly, stating that no one had seen the second and third seasons of “Quantico” either. A joke about the show “Inhumans” prompted uproarious laughter. After all, as Kimmel mentioned, Marvel projects have always been wildly popular. In his opinion, it was a real feat that ABC was able to have a bad Marvel project on the air.


For Kimmel, the one bright spot for advertisers was the fact that technology has been advancing at breakneck speeds. Pretty soon, he said, they would have so much information on viewers that they’d be able to blackmail them. Never afraid to go for the jugular, Jimmy Kimmel once again proved that he is the true king of late-night television.

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