Jimmy Kimmel Honors Wife on Mother’s Day

If any fathers on the planet needed to wish their wife a happy Mother’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel was one of them. The late-night funnyman took to Instagram to pay homage to Molly McNearney, who was pictured with her two children in the post. Wearing a sweatshirt featuring the faces of her two kids, Jane and Billy, she seemed happy to be celebrating.


Of course, it has been just a bit over a year since McNearney and Kimmel faced the unimaginable. Their son Billy, who now appears to be fully recovered, had to go through a serious heart surgery when it was discovered that he suffered from a congenital defect. Fortunately, he made it through his operation just fine and now appears to be just like any other healthy baby boy. In fact, he is striving to conquer the same heart defect that Olympic snowboarder Shaun White has. Shortly after Billy’s birth, Kimmel even had White on the show to discuss how his heart condition has affected his life.


In his Mother’s Day message to McNearney, Kimmel referenced the chaotic first days of Billy’s life, hailing the mother for her fortitude during what was undoubtedly a nightmare of a situation for a new mom. Although the Kimmels already had a daughter, Jane, at the time of Billy’s birth, Jane did not suffer from any dramatic health issues during her birth. Billy’s situation inspired Kimmel to speak out on the need for healthcare reform.

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