Jimmy Kimmel and Channing Tatum Prank Their Children

It turns out that even the children of celebrities have to deal with their parents’ shortcomings—or perceived shortcomings, in this hilarious recurring sketch from Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Every year around Halloween, it’s a Kimmel show tradition for parents to tell their children that they have eaten all of their hard-earned candy. The range of reactions from kids has been a fascinating study for the past several years. While some kids are downright furious, others may be indifferent or just a bit sad.

This year, Kimmel decided to do things a bit differently. Although he had a guest host—Channing Tatum—Tatum was more than willing to test out the scenario on his own daughter, who appeared absolutely horrified when he informed her that he had eaten all of her Halloween candy. At first, she seemed shocked. And then, as Tatum continued to insist that he had consumed all of the candy, his daughter seemed positively indignant. Eventually, he revealed the ruse but his daughter was not yet ready to forgive him. More than once, she informed him that his prank was not funny.

Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter, on the other hand, took a bit of a more zen approach to the matter. After Kimmel detailed how he had eaten all of her candy, as well as which types of candy he had “eaten” and which his wife had “eaten”, his daughter wasn’t afraid to let him know that this made her sad. However, she did not seem too angry.

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