Jimmy Fallon Loses Round Of “Would You Rather” To Kevin Hart And Really Eats A Cricket

We suppose if he were on an episode of “Survivor,” he might just have to do that, considering the food choices might not be plentiful.


However, Jimmy Fallon took one for the team, and he wasn’t marooned on some island far, far away. “The Tonight Show” host was at the famous NBC Studio 6-B in the Comcast Building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. It was there, that the charming late night TV host cringed and threw a live cricket into his mouth and ate it.


Fallon’s hilarious guest was the very funny Kevin Hart, and they decided to play a game of “Would You Rather.” A game show host suggests to the players random scenarios. Then, Fallon and Hart would guess which ones the audience would rather chose. They have been polled ahead of time.


For example, Would you rather have a clone of yourself or a dog that could talk?


Kevin Hart answered the question correctly, saying that the audience would rather have a dog that could talk.


Jimmy Fallon lost the game, so he had to go the the loser’s table. He could choose his punishment, and both were nasty things. Fallon could select to hold a large handful of worms for 10 seconds or eat a cricket. He chose the latter.


The audience went wild, but Hart wouldn’t join him for the insect snack. Jimmy Fallon really chewed it, winced and then swallowed the cricket, showing his tongue afterward to the howling audience.


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