Jimmy Fallon Is No Longer the King of YouTube

Jimmy Fallon has dominated the late night ratings since he took over the “Tonight Show” from Jay Leno. It has not even been a fair contest. The other late night shows have not come close to threatening Fallon’s title as the current king of late night. However, there is a place where Fallon’s reign has officially come to an end, at least for the time being. One of the places where Fallon has attracted a loyal legion of followers is on YouTube. The current crop of late night hosts have used YouTube to their advantage in a way that old schoolers Leno and Letterman never did. In fact, an enormous amount of people never watch the late night shows when they are broadcast on TV. These people watch the clips that are posted on YouTube when they are at work the next day. Fallon was the first late night host to see the value of posting clips on YouTube.


Fallon has been the most watched late night host on YouTube since he became the “Tonight Show” host. However, the 2016 election knocked Fallon from this lofty position. The unlikely pair of Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah were both watched more on YouTube in 2016. Obviously, the 2016 election was the primary reason for this development. Fallon tends to stay far away from anything that is even the slightest bit controversial. On the other hand, Colbert and Noah covered the election very closely. This gave their videos a large spike in viewing during the election season.

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