Jimmy Fallon Gets Bear Hugs When Australia Zoo’s Robert Irwin Drops By

There’s something special and endearing when wildlife finds its way on to a late night talk show. This time, it was The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and it was a show that folks are still buzzing about and one that continues to be replayed on social media.


The son of the late Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, is a smart and friendly 13-year-old teen now. Robert Irwin not only strongly resembles his late father but has also inherited his unique gift of working with and respecting wildlife.


The handsome, blonde-haired teen is a favorite guest on Fallon’s popular talk show because he’s sharp, funny and handles all the zoo animals that he brings as guests on to the program.


Irwin first introduced Fallon to a creepy crawler named Jane that evening. She was a large, hairy scorpion that the talk show host refused to even slightly touch or allow to roam across the famous tonight show desk.


The next pair of guests were a lot cuter, and Irwin and Fallon sat on the rug in front of the desk to meet beautiful baby black bears, Flo and D-9. Adorable at two-months-old, one of them tried chewing on Fallon’s fingers; it was naughty Flo.


After the sweet baby bears were done visiting, slithering legless lizards named Fluffy and Lulu made their striking appearance. Fallon was a good sport and even held one as the audience howled with laughter.


Then Orville made his entrance with his super long tail. He’s a Binturong that smells like burnt popcorn and enjoys eating grapes. Fallon got down on his hands and knees to “meet” Orville and allow the furry animal to smell his hair to pick up Fallon’s scent.


The final guest was Beatrice, a green toucan.


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