Jimmy Fallon Celebrates St. Paddy’s Day

As an American talkshow host with Irish roots, Jimmy Fallon wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The late-night maestro made a stop at his favorite spot for such occasions—Molly’s Pub. Starting off his St. Paddy’s Day with a Guinness and a corned beef sandwich, Fallon refused to start eating his sandwich until he received what he believed was a key component—the Colman’s hot mustard that pulls everything together.

Throughout the entire experience, Fallon had a friendly banter with his hilarious waitress, who referred to him as a “diva” when he demanded the mustard. Although Fallon is now a dad of two and rarely gets a chance to light up the town like he did back in his early twenties, the host seemed extraordinarily content with his evening out at Molly’s. Of course, Fallon is far from the only person with whom Molly’s is popular. As one of the most popular pubs in the whole city, there’s no doubt that Fallon’s trip was only a precursor of the exciting evening about to unfold. Although this pub will provide hospitality to a big late-night TV star when he arrives, the management realizes that its main duty is to cater to the general public. Like Fallon, chances are that others were craving a Guinness and a corned beef sandwich on this epic Irish day.

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