Jim Toner Divulges His Real Estate Strategies

Real estate entrepreneur, philanthropist, speaker and author Jim Toner recently shared some insight into his successes and failures over the past 25 years.

He talked about how he starts his day off early to clear his head, followed by a trip to the gym. An advocate for a strong body and mind, he enjoys listening to podcasts or books on tape while working out.

Toner called attention to how easy it is to get caught up in problems adding that trouble shows mercy to no one. In an interview with Ideamensch, he detailed that while some may have money worries, others may have health worries.

Although he has had some enormous successes in his life, he also struggled with failures as well. What Toner learned was there will always be another day.

Toner revealed everyone’s business strategy should include giving away money, in a similar fashion to charitable donors such as the Rockefellers. He recommended placing a minimum of 10 percent of each earned dollar into an account with the sole purpose of giving.

According to Toner, giving the money away is the pleasurable part as you can do anything as long as it does good for others. He gave the example of any charitable act, such as providing food or aid to the homeless, leaving a large tip at an eating place or making a donation to a local or global cause.

He emphasized what will happen after you give money away is that your return will double. He can’t explain how or why it works but simply that it does.

On a dissimilar note, Toner shared a failure he endured and conquered by writing a program called “Jim Toner Is Dead.” Without providing all the details, he summed up how he went from making a million dollars a year, with a luxurious home, expensive car to nothing. He revealed he not only lost his business, money and home but he and his family moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Scottsdale, Arizona.

He listened to his inner voice and repeated his real estate strategy with a new plan and was back in the industry within months.

What is also significant to Toner as an entrepreneur is to read. He pointed out how reading is an opportunity to gain knowledge from others. He added he does not know one accomplished person who is not a reader.

Toner concluded many people rationalize if money goes away, they are over and done with. He disagrees and believes money is simply a tool.

As part of his philanthropic activities, he participates on board memberships and works with servicemen and women and the homeless.

Here’s Jim’s guide towards financial freedom: http://releasefact.com/2018/05/jim-toner-guides-financial-freedom-new-economy/

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