Jeffry Schneider and the Successes of Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider is a businessperson based in Austin Texas and was born and brought up in Manhattan. He went to the University of Amherst, and in 2009 he established Ascendant Capital, LLC, a boutique financial firm. The focal point of Ascendant as an enterprise has been very different from other financial institutions because they seek to fund alternative investment space. They work with hedges, private equity, and real estate funds that are often not made accessible to investors. The team at Ascendant Capital then seeks to develop a scope of value-added offerings that backed by a comprehensive suite of marketing, sales, operational, and educational services. Their approach is ingenious in its financial organization, and Ascendant Capital helps to raise capital for stable asset fund sponsors as well as those that are in the developmental stage throughout the globe.

The Influence of Jeffry Schneider’s Leadership

The direction of Jeffry Schneider is without a doubt exceptional because it is because of him that Ascendant Capital has experienced fast growth in the last five years. He manages a group of accomplished financial professionals that source, format, and support cutting-edge alternative investment offerings. Ascendant Capital has experienced unprecedented growth and this has led to the employment of 30 people in the last five years whereas they only had two employees. Together with his team, Jeffry Schneider has helped raise more than one billion for many managers. The firm works with over 50 brokers, more than 250 investment counselors and a myriad of family offices. Ascendant Capital has used this capital to invest in purchase real estate, auto dealerships, tech companies and many other businesses. Jeffry and Ascendant Capital still plans to continue the expansion of their business territory with plans to raise over $50 million every month. Jeffry’s objective is to become a dependable intermediary to successful fund sponsor and certified financial emissaries looking for available alternative investment asset classes and sponsors magnify returns and various risk. He is of the firm view that given the position of the markets in this present time, alternative investments provide a fantastic opportunity to variegate risk while scaling down volatility.

The Culture at Ascendant Capital

Ascendant Capital has an environment that has played a predominant role in the success of the enterprise. This environment stimulates, if not dependents on open dialogues and encourages a sense of trust between coworkers. This kind of transparency is something that Jeffry himself is contented with and continues to spread externally as well. The company has many interests and ensures that is its fiduciary responsibility in relations to its investors as a top priority. Jeffry’s personal life is a testimony to a man who believes in excellence. He loves to eat healthily and remain fit and has been in some marathons. He is also widely traveled and is involved in numerous charitable organizations. He previously worked at Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors.

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