Jed McCaleb’s Stellar Prediction

Jed McCaleb works for Steller as their Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. However, he’s known for his early work in the digital financial world. His experience and current position give credence to his new prediction. Jed McCaleb says that a universal ledger is not far away, and he is already making plans for it.


His technical background is extensive. Jed McCaleb produced one of the first programs similar to Dropbox as early as 2000. This was pioneering work. He also founded the Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange, MetaMachine, Code Collective, and Ripple. After founding Ripple, he went on to become an advisor for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute and remains an advisor to this day. He then founded Steller, his newest technology company. There, Jed McCaleb builds systems that are decentralized so they can be leveraged to improve the human condition.

Financial Prediction

In a recent article, Jed McCaleb stated that he believes there will be a universal payments network in the future. His work in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology leads him to believe that stocks and fundraising will be affected by this as well. He is using Steller to create a network of currency exchange that he says is 5 seconds faster than Bitcoin’s. IBM is currently using this network.

Jed McCaleb also said he knows there’s an entire market of token sales that aren’t being utilized by the financial industry. These token sales are also known as initial coin offerings. There’s been many coin offerings over the past four years. They amount to the equivalent of over nine billion dollars, to be exact. Regulators have noticed the fraud possible with these offerings and fundraisers, however, this is nothing new to the financial industry. Supporters of token sales believe this is a new and better way to invest and raise funds.

Jed McCaleb has been a pioneer in his line of work. He created many successful companies that have changed the technological and financial worlds. The coins used by Stellar are called Lumens. They reached the top ten cryptocurrencies by late 2017. If his past is any sign, Jed McCaleb will continue innovating and breaking through the financial box for many years to come.

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