Jay Leno Admits He Doesn’t Miss A Thing

Former talk show host, Jay Leno admitted to news sources that he does not miss anything about late night television or his talk show. Leno set the stage for a new generation of late night talk hosts that still carry on his style of humor to a new generation. Leno states that it is much more difficult to do a late night talk show. Things were different when he hosted his show. It was all about making fun of politicians and life situations. Now, things have turned very dark and become very negative.

Leno Reveals Feelings About New Hosts
Jay Leno had plenty to share about the new league of late night talk show hosts that are over the airwaves now. He stated in a recent interview that there are several late night talk show hosts that he has really come to admire. They include Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Myers. He further states that those late night hosts have made late night talk shows surprisingly funny again through all the negativity that is happening in the world.

Leno’s Return
Many Jay Leno fans would like to know if he would consider returning to late night television in a streaming program similar to former late night talk show host, David Letterman. Leno stated that he is not thinking about returning to late night television. He’s primarily focused on the work he’s involved with at the moment.

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