James Dondero’s philanthropy for Dallas Zoo

Not everyone who loves a particular city would go an extra mile and do something to make it a better place than it was yesterday. But that’s not true in the case of James Dondero who has had a phenomenal influence on the Dallas, Texas community. Besides forming a successful business, he has always been at the forefront of giving back to the community in every possible way. It has been clearly justified through his donations to the Dallas Zoo in order to restore the hippo habitat which the community has been craving for over a decade now. Back in the days when the hippo habitat was present in the zoo, there was a huge influx of people who would come to view these incredible animals and created some fun memories with their loved ones. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

But once the hippo habitat went defunct with the demise of one of the hippos, the community has had many unsuccessful attempts to restore back the habitat. But once Mr. James Dondero realized the concerns within the community, he did not think twice before donating a million dollars to help the zoo management to restore the habitat. With his kind donations, they were not only able to restore it, but also the place has seen an unprecedented influx of visitors to get a glimpse of their favorite animal. This would certainly wouldn’t have been possible so quickly without the kind efforts by Mr. Dondero. Follow James on Linkedin.

While he built a successful business empire, he always had a philanthropic vision in his mind to serve the community. This is a trait not commonly found in successful business entrepreneurs and that’s why Mr. Dondero could certainly be termed as a rarity. He has a special level of care for the Dallas community and has never turned away from addressing the needs of the local residents. He is a true example of a business magnate who not only was successful in his day to day business operations but also created a special place in the hearts of local citizens. With his noble efforts, philanthropy has become a part of his DNA.

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