It’s Always Sunny Cast Confirms Return of Dennis

The success of Glenn Howerton’s new NBC Sitcom, A.P. Bio, has left many fans wondering if this spells the end for the beloved and hate-able character Dennis Reynolds from the long running show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So far Howerton has been coy on the subject of his return to It’s Always Sunny, tweeting “Telling you whether or not Dennis is coming back would be giving away the plot of the next season.” However, co-star Kaitlin Olson, who play’s Dennis’s twin sister Dee on the show, recently spilled the beans in an interview with The Wrap.
In the interview Olson said outright “I do know that Glenn Howerton is coming back for some episodes.” This disclosure leads to more questions relating to how the writers of the show, known for their ability to push every boundary and never shy away from even the riskiest comedic subject matter, will be bringing Dennis back after surprising viewers by having Dennis leave the group in dramatic fashion at the end of season 12.
With both Howerton and Olson now finding success in other shows, it feels like the end could be coming for It’s Always Sunny. However cult-fans of the show can take comfort in the guarantee at least one more season featuring a full-cast as well as this quote by Howerton on the prospect of continuing beyond season 13, “We love the show and we love each other and we want to keep doing it.”

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