Is It Me Or Is The Paranormal Movies Becoming Excessive?

Do people really need to get a good scare to make it in life? I mean is life not scary enough without all these paranormal movies that keep coming out? It seems more and more people are being drawn to ghost busting and the supernatural flicks. It was announced that ‘The Conjuring 2′ will be released next summer to a fan base that is desperately waiting.

I for one am tired of these types of movies. I would like to see movies that have a more blissful topic. I am sick of the demonic flicks where the devil and all of hell are after a family or specific person. I am tired of seeing glowing eyes and dark shadows growling and shaking beds. I see the need for the adrenaline rush that it gives, but Hollywood just tries to do it bigger and better to keep shocking audiences.

My friend Rob Rohrich has children that are obsessed with these movies and every time a commercial comes on TV, they add it to their ‘must see’ list. The only problem is once they see them, they are petrified to sleep without their lights on for days, and I’m talking teenage about boys too!

There is no reason to be scared like that. I understand that some are based on true events and there are some that just need to make their claim on the movie industry. I wish that they would focus less on such negative topics and more on romance and love. Unfortunately, romance only appeals to a small crowd and most love the stories about things that go bump in the night.

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