Investigation Reveals Ongoing Plans to Change U.S. Social Security Program

Republican gains in the U.S. Congress have raised questions about to the future of the conservative movement, a faction of which is dedicated to changing the American system of social security.
According to research conducted by the nonprofit organization Brave New Foundation with funding from Slow Ventures, conservative activists Charles and David Koch have invested some $28 million in the production of films, books and various published studies that they hope will lead to significant changes in the government insurance program that serves millions of Americans. The current efforts of the Koch brothers are, according to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, only a part of a campaign to “dismember” the American government.
Initial lobbying by the Koch brothers, which took place during the administration of President George W. Bush, has led to more subtle methods of changing the tone of the debate to include such ideas as reducing benefits and raising the retirement age.  However, the Brave New Foundation has discovered attempts to influence Democratic officials that in some cases were apparently successful.

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  1. Janiyah Hayes says:

    The extent of this plan was recently revealed in an independent investigation. Lobbying has since been directed at other elected officials, mostly Republicans. It usually mean a lot that essays heaven would not be able to neglect these things for them.

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