Igor Cornelsen: Long Term Investment King

Have you ever wondered what’s the secret to success in the investment world? Well, investment adviser and top Brazilian banker Igor Cornelsen has some advice. Igor Cornelsen has a long history of chaperoning investor’s portfolio choices as well as providing the advice necessary to consistently pick winners in the stock market. According to the investment expert, the key is to have an experience and understanding of the market during the volatile years.

Igor has an impressive history with Brazilian stocks as well as extensive knowledge of the Brazilian banking industry, which he relies upon to help investors interested in investing in the Brazilian stock market. His expertise includes knowledge of Brazil’s major bank players, currency value and trading partners, to which the guru adds “when you invest in a country, you should also pay attention to their trading partners. This will give you a greater understanding of your investments, which in turn, leads to more success and profits” (Cornelsen, 2015).

Mr. Cornelsen’s philosophy is that investments should be a long term goal and not just a “fly by night” scheme. To long term investors, the goal of investing is to create profits that lasts a life time. The focus of long term investing isn’t to earn a quick profit, but to invest wisely, so you enjoy legitimate returns. This means being prepared to invest in tools that lasts for years as well as making many small investments in various tools as opposed to making just one large investment. Diversifying your investments helps offset any losses. Long term investing entails investing in companies with a long history of returns as opposed to the hot new corporation on the market. If you are committed to investing for the long haul, it is not uncommon for investors to experience gains of at least 500% or more.

Igor Cornelsen has valuable experience working in the field of investments. He has extensive experience investing in any company or commodity, and is most notable for his work in guiding investors to making more successful long term investments, including stock opportunities that can be purchased for cheap and are practically guaranteed to make money in the long haul. He is currently the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv. Inc., a company that specializes in long term investing. He also held many senior positions in several of Brazil’s major banks, before retiring in 2010. Today, he spends time in South Florida, and enjoys investing as a hobby.

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