How Ricardo Tosto is Transforming the Brazilian Law Industry

The roles of lawyers go beyond offering mere legal representation. These professionals ensure clients are conversant with their lawsuits. They are also in charge of the negotiation process in case the parties involved opt to end their differences through an out of court settlement. Since Brazil is experiencing a fast-paced growth, many individuals are moving to the country with goals of building a new life and successful businesses. However, finding a competent lawyer can prove to be an arduous task due to the high number of trained but uncertified lawyers.

By carrying out an intensive research, you can identify an experienced and talented lawyer such as Ricardo Tosto. He is a perfect example of how lawyers can make a noticeable difference both domestically and internationally. Tosto specializes in developing solutions to legal challenges that Brazilians face in their everyday lives.

What roles do lawyers play in the society?

Apart from legal representation, lawyers preserve, support, and protect the Rule of Law in the society. They also play a significant role in championing the human rights and safeguarding the environment from any harm. You should note that the role of law experts in every society is changing at a fast rate. Factors such as new cost structures, dynamic nature of legal services, new structures of legal service, and significant flexibility in the workplace are causing a major disruption the quality of legal practice.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto represents high profile individuals and corporate clients through the law firm, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Tosto is one of the founding partners of the law firm. He has committed more than 22 years in business practice with a specialization in the specialty of credit recovery, corporate restructuring, electoral law, international law, civil law, and commercial litigation. Tosto holds a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Currently, Tosto is an active member of the International Bar Association and Brazilian Bar Association. He previously served as the president of OAB Commission for Modernization headquartered in Sao Paulo. Tosto is also a senior member of the renowned Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research (IBEDEP). Tosto is a gifted speaker who focuses on legal topics at international conferences and events. His articles and reviews have featured in top magazines and newspapers.

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