How Lime Crime Revolutionized Makeup


Lime Crime is an internet based makeup company that is as unique, bold and daring as it’s name. The makeup company was launched in 2008 by the colorful and eclectic Doe Deere who was named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. Since it’s launch, the online beauty brand has become a trendsetter among eccentrics and those who want to express themselves shamelessly.


A visionary and entrepreneur, Doe Deere has created a brand for carefree individuals and brave rebels like herself. Her passion for color that began as a child has led to the makeup brand that has pioneered and transformed internet beauty brands of today. Due to her desire to make life more vibrant and fun, Deere has garnered a strong following. The self proclaimed Queen Unicorn is constantly inspired by Lime Crime fans that she stays connected to through social media and she proudly calls her unicorns.

“Limecrime” was originally just a quirky name that instantly popped into Deere’s head when she was naming her eBay store. The name was available and at the time she did not consider herself a brand. The unconventional name now represents the revolution that the cosmetic brand has become known as today. It is about having fun without fear or shame with revolutionary hues that are guaranteed to inspire creativity and self expression without regrets.


Since it’s launch, supporters have come to expect eye-catching and striking colors to express themselves fearlessly from the cruelty-free and vegan brand. The trendsetting products include attention-grabbing lipsticks, matte and metallic Velvetines, eye shadow palettes, liquid eyeliners and more.


As a leader of online beauty brands, Lime Crime has set the bar high when it comes to delivering quality and innovative products that not only inspire, but that are also produced with it’s unicorns in mind.

Lime Crime has captivated many by leading the way for individuals who aspire to make a statement. Being unique is what it sets the brand apart from other cosmetic companies. Led by Doe Deere, who took a dream and created a business and has become an inspiration to other entrepreneurs, the innovative brand has revolutionized makeup.

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