How Innovative Is Darius Fisher?

Darius Fisher was named one of PR Week’s innovators for 2015, and he is truly an innovator in the industry. Darius runs Status Labs as if he were still an employee who must work 9-5 every day, and his approach to his own company is a new way of doing business in the 21st Century. This article briefly recaps how Darius runs his business as an innovator in public relations.

#1: The Status Labs Difference

Status Labs is quite different in the way that it approaches customer service. Customers could be served by Darius himself, and he works in tandem with his staff to provide the best customer service to each client. Clients who are in need of help with their online reputations come to Darius for help, and there are times when he handles accounts all on his own. It is rare to see the CEO of a company serving clients as if he/she still worked in the office at-large.

#2: Status Labs Provides Complete Customer Service

Status Labs offers complete customer service to each customer who walks through the door, and the company turns that customer service to people who have had poor experiences with Status Labs clients. Customer service will help change the opinions of people who were once very unhappy with a company, and customer service will prevent people from being put off by a client forever. Status Labs goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone is happy with their experience.

#3: Darius Fisher Remains Open To New Ideas

Status Labs is open to offering customer service that is completely new to certain customers. Someone who comes to the Status Labs office with a PR problem will receive customer service for their own company and dissatisfied customers. A client who comes to the office in need of help with their personal image can reclaim their image with the help of the Status Labs staff. A company of this kind is not common in the business world. There may be a multi-million dollar outfit working with one member of the staff, and there may be a private citizen working with another member of the staff at the same time.

Status Labs is a progressive company that allows people to change their public images in a snap. Companies are given impeccable customer service, and private individuals are given a chance to protect their good names from scrutiny.

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