How Dr.Vijay Eswaran Made A Phenomenal Global Company From Scratch

Leadership is a virtue and not necessarily a position. In an effort to stamp authority over junior workers and lesser brands, many leaders and companies do a lot of chest thumping even in matters that require an entirely different approach. However, this is not the case with QI Group of Companies and its Executive Chairman Dr.Vijay Eswaran. The company was founded and still operates on the service above self-principle. The company has a successful global business that it runs but it still maintains the soul of a business that is still in touch with its humble beginnings.

This multi-business conglomerate has a significant presence in a variety of sectors that include retail, finance, hospitality, direct selling and education. QNet, which he formed, was the first subsidiary is now a global company that is a force to reckon with. It has successfully managed to combine traditional and modern e-eCommerce methods to successfully drive sales. He envisioned a new kind of company that would make a direct impact through sales to people through the internet. Dr. Eswaran says that during the initial days, they tested and tried direct selling combining with the emerging trading platforms back then.

Dr. Vijay says that there was constant debating between him and his partners in a bid to come up with a product or service that would add value to users and set them apart from others companies. It is during that process that they were able to come up with precious metals and numismatics that were based on the thriving European market strategies. QNet also managed to procure rights to sell commemorative coins in 1998 in the Sydney 2000 Olympics for the Asian Pacific Rim.

Through the company’s solid leadership strategy put in place by Dr. Vijay Eswaran and its epic sales approach, it was able to appear in the top three out of 42 distributors worldwide in the year 2000. Combining web based selling and human touch direct selling propelled it to get to that position is such a short duration of time.

Eswaran’s success did not come quickly contrary to what many would think. He started his entrepreneurial journey without connections, funds and even an extended family. The only precious thing he had was a dream that he never let die. He was, however, lucky to come across like-minded people who later became partners and together they endured a lot of setbacks and failures. Vijay Eswaran was alsowas discussed by

It was not easy for his direct selling approach to work at first because many people already had a negative perception. Dr. Vijay Eswaran has demonstrated that it takes a fighting spirit to conquer. He is also a perfect example of someone who does something until it causes pain which later translates to hard earned success.

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