How Does Handy Combine Two Needed Services For American Homeowners?

American homeowners are quite accustomed to keeping their homes clean and furniture in fine repair, and they are not always in a position to keep everything in the best condition alone. They must hire someone from the outside to help them, and they may use Handy as their safety net for certain operations. This article explains how Handy has two different services for every homeowner who is in need.

#1: Home Cleaning

Home cleaning is quite necessary as homeowners do not have time to everything alone. They understand the gravity of keeping their home clean, and they cannot find the time to complete all the work themselves. Their next option is hiring someone, and they may find someone to help every week. Cleaners hired on made fine wages, and they offer good services to every customer.

#2: Furniture Assembly

The furniture assembly and repair operation at Handy is a delivery, installation and repair service that ensures every piece of furniture is treated properly. They remove everything from the box, use the instructions for assembly and organize the furniture as needed. Their job is to help the homeowner enjoy their furniture more, and they may arrive on a schedule suggested by the customer.

#3: Finding Everything On Handy

Handy has everything the customer needs, and customers may check the website for an appointment or a new cleaner today. All the services are listed on the site by location, and customers pay Handy to ensure a smooth transaction. The cleaners on the site may set up their own pages, and they will accommodate every customer as needed.

They believe there is quite a lot of value in what customers find at Handy, and the organization of the site makes it quite easy to use as compared to what other services offer.


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