How Beneful Is Keeping Dogs Happy and Healthy

Every dog has his or her own unique personality. However, there’s a few things which most dogs have in common. And one of the biggest shared traits has to do with food. Most dog owners can attest to the fact that dogs are obsessed with “people food”. It’s a rare dog who isn’t keenly interested in the food his or her owners are eating. Part of this has to do with the pack mentality. Dogs love to be a part of their owner’s life. But there’s actually a more complex reason for their interest in people’s meals. And it has to do with the nature of dogfood.

There’s some food made for people which is notoriously unpleasant. One of the best examples of this is military rations. An MRE or “meal ready to eat” can supply all of a person’s nutritional needs. But the taste ranges from bland to outright unpleasant. Few people would choose to have them for a single meal. And almost nobody would want to have them three times a day for the rest of their life. There’s little appeal in sitting down to eat a bland brown bar of processed food every day. But that’s what many dogs have to look forward to every day. Most dog foods are only trying to provide a simple nutritional profile for dogs. At most they might put in some artificial colors so that it looks more cheerful to the dog’s owners. But often times the dogs themselves can’t even see in that color spectrum. It’s a sad fact that most dog foods put far more effort in attracting the eyes of consumers than in trying to make something the dog would actually enjoy.

Thankfully, there are some dog food brands out there which actually focus on the dog. One of the best examples is the Beneful brand of dog food. They begin by satisfying what every dog is craving when they look at their owner’s dinner table. Beneful dog food actually uses fresh, natural, and tasty ingredients for their dog food. The difference is obvious to anyone who takes a look at it. Beneful dog food actually looks like real food. It’s easy to see the ingredients which went into making it. If there’s chicken, one can see the chunks of chicken. If there’s beef, it’s easy to see.

But the appearance of Beneful’s food is only a hint at what’s really important there. The fact that one can so easily see natural ingredients within the food means that dogs can also taste it. For many dogs this is a life changing experience. For the first time they’re getting food that’s meant for them and which actually has real taste and texture to it. They can go from eating tasteless and bland meals every day to eating the delicious and tasty things that they crave. It’s really the best gift that any owner can give to his or her pet. A choice of foods such as Beneful will ensure that dogs can have the same enjoyment from their meals that people do.

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