Hillary Duff Publicly Shames Belligerent Neighbor

While Hillary Duff might be nice enough to do a Disney Channel promotion if her neighbors ask nicely, she is not one to be crossed. Duff recently took to her social media accounts in order to screed against an unpleasant neighbor, for all her fans to see.


While the star of “Younger” had been in plenty of minor conflicts with her neighbor, Tuesday night saw things finally come to a head, with Duff venting on Instagram. Specifically, she sought advice from any New Yorkers regarding neighbors who constantly smoke cigarettes and other substances that leave a offensive stink lingering in the area. Duff’s posts included descriptions of how the neighbor has never needed to work due to moneyed parents and that he should properly dispose of his trash.


The tipping point was Duff returning home after a 15-hour shift without receiving any sleep the night before. Said sleeplessness was attributed to the neighbor’s raucous behavior. Beyond digitally defacing some of the neighbor’s profile pictures, Duff signed off by quipping that her neighbor lacked anger control; specifically, much of the man’s furniture is broken during, and after, arguments with the neighbor’s partner. Duff expressed worry about the neighbor, specifically that it imperiled her 6-year-old son, and quipped that therapy would be cheaper. Duff advised her neighbor to look into a vaporizer instead of smoking.


When reached for comment, Duff’s neighbor Addison rebuked any allegations of smoking marijuana and mentioned that he was looking into litigation. He went on to mention that Duff’s fans have unified in a campaign of hate mail and threats so prodigious that he has considered looked into contracting at least one bodyguard. Addison concluded his statements by claiming that he hailed from a very private German family and that said family was hiring one or more lawyers.

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