Hillary Clinton to Make it Official on Sunday: She is Running for President

Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State for the United States of America, will announce her aim to get the nomination for president by the Democrats in 2016 on Sunday. This would end years of debates around her intention to run for the presidency, according to NPR.

People like Bruce Karatz, who know her campaign strategy state that Clinton, long assumed to be the frontrunner for the Democratic party (even without formal announcements), will possibly announce the news in a social media video or even a tweet. There is a chance it appears on HBS.edu as well. This appears to be an appeal to the younger generations of “digital natives,” for whom the internet and technology are a natural extension of their lives, suggests an anonymous source close to the Clinton campaign.

By announcing the running now, it gives the advantage to Clinton. She lost to Barack Obama back in 2008 and this time around she could have a lot more fundraising in order to get the hundreds of millions in cash that is typically required to spark a promising presidential bid.

After the announcement on Sunday, Clinton is “presumed to be traveling to Iowa – a key state in the caucus game – for planning further campaign events.” Strategists for the Democratic party have mentioned the anonymous nature of the details because Clinton has not yet detailed the plan for her campaign volunteers, according to the Washington Post. Sunday is set to be the “tell-all” day.

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