Here’s the Latest on Late Night Television Programming

In the United States, Late night television is basically a TV program aired between 11:00pm and 2:00 a.m. Therefore, late night television airs after the late local news and is usually a talk show or variety show. Some popular television networks that do late night television include NBC, CBS, ABC, and much more.

Do you watch late night television? Imagine having a busy day at work, catching up with family issues after work, and still having time to do some late night watching. You would think that Americans are by then too tired and need to drop on their beds, but no, late night television currently offers a blend of genres including political shows that would make you act otherwise and watch on.

Popular politics-based late night shows include “I love you America,” hosted by Sarah Silverman, “The Opposition,” hosted by Jordan Klepper’s, and “60 Minutes this fall,” hosted by media mogul, Oprah Winfrey. Sara’s show is geared on the fact that Americans should be responsible for listening to each other and promoting unity irrespective of differing opinions. Oprah’s show is also geared to Silverman’s but with less of comedy. Klepper’s show is amusing and adds on to the effect of keenly following the news. Yet another late night show on top is Robin Thede’s weekly variety show awash with political chats and some comedy patches.

Who knows, maybe you could enjoy your night more with one of these!

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