Healthcare Information Technology Entrepreneur Drew Madden On CVS And Amazon

The healthcare field can seem a little predictable and uneventful at times. However, lately it has been anything but that. Major announcements from the likes of CVS and Amazon have made it incredibly interesting and super-charged with news.

Drew Madden, an entrepreneur in the field of healthcare IT has been watching from the sidelines with eager anticipation about what twist or turn might take place next. These are the kind of stories that he lives for. Drew Madden loves to take a look at what this company or that company might be doing to alter the course of the field in which they operate.

Amazon always tries to come in as a player on a mission to take over as much of the market as they possibly can. They do not care who they have to walk over to reach their goal, they will make that happen. They believe that they can out innovate other companies that are in the same industry and provide a better experience for customers. If that is true, who are we to try to get in their way?

The companies that already exist in an industry that Amazon has joined up with are always trying to fight back to help secure their own position in that industry. After all, they want to continue to survive and make money as well. The only way to do this is to bring their own unique offerings to the table.

CVS has experienced this firsthand as they have had to deal with Amazon moving in on their territory. Already faced with strong industrial rivals in Walgreen’s and Rite Aid, the company has decided to step up its game.

CVS has started to offer guaranteed next-day delivery at all of its MinuteClinic locations. They have also purchased the healthcare insurance company Aetna. In doing so, they wanted to bring about the possibility of owning a customer’s transactions from the moment they purchase insurance all the way up until they use that insurance. Having this insurance company under their belt certainly helps them with that goal. It is not easy, but CVS is at least attempting to fight back the only way that they know how. You can follow their Twitter and Facebook page.

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