Graham Edwards: The CEO of Telereal

Graham Edwards is an incredibly well-known name and is the CEO of Telereal, a company that he took over in 2001. The company is one of the leading commercial property management solutions in London and has undertaken numerous significant real estate investment endeavors. The company serves as the real estate provider to the UK Department of Work and Pensions and has held several other real estate contracts with top companies in the city. The company was first founded in 1997 and then got acquired by Land Securities three years later. The company has managed the properties of several long-standing companies like Airwave, Barclays Bank, and several others. In 2008, the company signed a contract with the Royal Mail and Royal Bank of Scotland, which were two incredibly notable ventures that the company has taken on.

Graham Edwards impact on the company as a whole has been massive. Having an incredible amount of experience in the field has helped him lead the company to a profitable position. He has also been responsible for the implementation of several new business changes that have worked for the benefit of the company. As the CEO of the company, Edwards was responsible for its overall growth and has paved the way for the growth and development of Telereal.

In addition to this, Graham Edwards also has an ample amount of experience in other professional spheres. He has had professional experience in several other arrays such as real estate, mining, engineering and technology. In addition to his professional experience, he is also a part of several notable organizations in the UK. He is a part of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Association of Corporate Treasurers, the UK Society of Investment Professionals and various other organizations with relation to the field that he works in.

In addition to working on his professional endeavors, he is also known for undertaking numerous charitable ventures that have benefited the lives of people in the UK, ( He is a member of One Voice Europe and the British Friends of the Hebrew University and has helped them undertake all their charitable endeavors.



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