Give Pluto a Chance!

I’ve always felt sorry for Pluto. Imagine enjoying planet status for 76 years and then suddenly being demoted to the basement of the solar system and dubbed a “dwarf planet”. I grew up identifying with its struggle with size while surrounded by huge bullies like Jupiter and Saturn. I believe that Pluto should be classified a planet once more and take its rightful place in the solar system.

While this might not be the most scientific reasoning, there are many astrophysicists who agree with me. On September 18, 2014 a large group of scientists gathered at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center to host a debate about little Pluto. Dr. Dimitar Sasselov; the director of Harvard Origins of Life Initiative, as well as the science historian; Dr. Owen Gingrich think that we should redefine what makes a planet. However, Dr. Gareth Williams, speaking for the International Astronomical Union, is sticking to his guns. The IAU defined a planet back in 2006 as “the smallest spherical lump of matter that formed around stars or stellar remnants” and he sees no reason to change that.

Sadly, the debates were inconclusive. The IAU was firm in its resolve yet the majority of those present voted for Pluto to be included as a full-fledged planet.

Whatever decision the eggheads at Harvard make, Pluto will always be a planet in my heart, as well as the hearts of many other people across the globe. Give Pluto a chance!

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  1. Johnson Felix says:

    If Pluto is to receive a raise in rank, it would make way for several other dwarf planets to receive full planet status as well such as Eris, Ceres, and Haumea. It will simply be what research paper writing service has done for other which is absolutely the coolest thing to do.

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