Getting To Know Dr. Rod Rohrich


Many young adults have aspirations of becoming a doctor and for Dr. Rod Rohrich that desire was clearly there. The only difference was that Rod decided to use his talents to make people feel better about themselves. With the basic medical groundwork already covered, Rod made a major turn in his career by joining UTSouthwestern Medical Center. His time at the center served as an opportunity to strengthen his resolve to sharpen his skills in several areas of plastic surgery. The University of Michigan Medical Center had the benefit of his expertise where he completed a great deal of his residencies of plastic and general surgery.

Recognized For His Contribution

As an individual serving in the field of medicine the ability to be recognized by his peers was a major accomplishment. Dr. Rod Rohrich was named as one of the best doctors of Plastic Surgery in Dallas only went on to confirm his dedication. The recognition did not stop there, in fact, Rohrich went on to receive other awards, which included top plastic surgeon by his peers in Texas and the popular U.S. News & World Report. His recognition was not just about his work in the field; Rod also left his mark among students and faculty members at the UTSouthwestern Medical Center where he shared his knowledge as a distinguished professor in the field of Plastic Surgery.

Strength In Knowledge

Whether the individual was a student, faculty member or patient, author or contributor, an encounter with Dr Rohrich would translate into confidence that the good doctor was more than qualified to serve in his chosen profession. With priorities which included improving safety among the patients under his charge, Rod has zero tolerance for situations and procedures, which were considered as less than ideal. Rod shared his concerned with several of his peers through speaking engagements both locally and on a global scale.

The Doctor You Know

One of the main reasons for his success in the field of Plastic Surgery is the compassion that Rod shares with his patients. With a track record that could only be compared to that of an excellent leader, he restricts his patient interaction to specialty areas, which include liposuction, facial cosmetic surgery, Rhinoplasty, cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring. With a reputation for being the best you can be in your field, Rod strives to reflect his dedication to safe medical procedures by operating at facilities with the same goals. Patients continue to benefit from Rod’s expertise regularly as Dr Rohrich proves his commitment to them.

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