George W. Bush Cracks Up Kimmel Crowd

Lately, it seems as if the darling of the talk show circuit is an unexpected one. Former President George W. Bush, who recently released a book of his paintings, has been taking to the late night shows to promote his book. Since the proceeds benefit veterans, it seems as if this is a win-win for everyone involved. The interview got off to a raucous start when Kimmel asked a question about the man that former Vice President Dick Cheney had accidentally shot while hunting. Bush joked that it had been a particularly unfortunate incident, since the man had been one of the greatest trial lawyers in Texas.

On a recent appearance with Jimmy Kimmel, Bush made light of his tendency to mix up words during his presidency, pointing out some of his most famous faux pas, such as “strategery” and “misunderestimate”. Kimmel asked Bush if he ever felt offended by some of the impressions of him, and Bush made it very clear that he did not take any of it personally. Also on the discussion agenda was the number of people at Bush’s inauguration. Although the two danced around comparisons to current White House occupant Donald Trump, it definitely seemed as if Trump’s short temper was the elephant in the room.

One of the most touching moments of the evening was when Bush pointed out the veterans in the audience that he had painted, one of whom was with his mother. Talking about his experience as a painter, Bush mentioned that he had initially become interested in the art form after reading an essay that Winston Churchill had written about painting. All in all, this was a very fun and enlightening interview.

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