George Soros: In Philanthropy and Financial Marketing

Forbes billionaire George Soros, the founder and the chairman of Open Society is popular for his ideas on philanthropy. The open society which he chairs consists of a network of partners, foundations and projects in over 100 nations. He is in supports of a system where the society is open. In other words, he believes in government accountability, respect for people’s rights and the absence of a monopoly in the society or economy. Apparently, his beliefs and ideologies differentiate Open Society Foundations from any private philanthropic foundations and efforts. George Soros started his philanthropy by providing scholarships in 1979. He provided the help during apartheid and specifically to black South Africans. Later, in the 1980s, he aided in undermining communism in the Eastern Bloc. George Soros achieved this by the offering support for the presence of cultural exchanges in the West. Evidently, he was determined to make changes in the society. Besides, he was the person behind the creation of Central European University For the promotion of Critical Thinking. Notably, he had the philanthropy acts and foundations extended to Asia, Africa and the US. Foundations had lawyers who represented unlawfully held individuals. Additionally, the foundations also provided funds and fees for young promising youths, especially from marginalized groups. Even more, George Soros aided in the establishment of a system that brought transparency and accountability in resources extraction and making payoffs.
George Soros was successful in financial marketing. Consequently, he admits that it helped in giving him a great and satisfactory degree of independence. He says that the independence helps him in achieving and doing things others find hard or impossible. Still, he can take a stand even when issues at hand are controversial. George Soros, for example, made a donation of $ 8m dollars to PAC showing support for Hillary Clinton.

According to George Soros’s prediction, the economy is headed the situation nations faced in 2008. Different countries are in the struggle of finding new growth models due to the devaluation of their currency, for example, China. The situation is not different in states like New York. In addition, the global currency commodities and stock markets are under siege. Notably, the shift of China’s economy towards consumption and away from manufacturing and investment will increase the burden. The same nation, according to George Soros has issues with adjusting. Also, George Soros indicates that more nations have more serious debts than there were in 2008. Apparently, the financial markets today are in crisis as they were in 2008. Also, the vitality measures are on the increase this year. Therefore, this calls for strategic financial measures and strategies. If this is the case, the state of the economy worldwide will be better. Consequently, crises will be reduced.

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