George Soros and the Democratic Alliance Increases their Political Funding in 2017

When presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of the Democrats lost the election to Republican front runner Donald J. Trump; it was a shocking blow for the democratic party. Clinton was supposed to have clinched the office in 2016. However, she ended up losing in a what could only be termed a major political upset. Now that President Trump is in office, the Democratic Party is on the defense.

The Democratic Alliance on discoverthenetworks.orgis increasing their political activity and funding to hamper the Republican Party’s efforts over the next 4-years. Soros is not only using his money to help the Democrats to carry out their agenda against the Republicans.

The Democratic Party does not want the Republicans to change much of the work they have accomplished on This is why the Democratic Alliance is doing everything they can to thwart President Trump’s first 100 days in office. They are also trying to keep the Republicans from gaining too much power in office.

George Soros and his associates are increasing their donor spending for the party. They are also giving more support for the organizations that are helping to push their agenda. Democratic financier, George Soros, is one of the leading members of the Democratic Alliance.

George Soros is considered the 19th richest American, states Forbes magazine. Soros’s contributions will help the Democratic Alliance to carry out their agenda. He will give money to put more Democrats into office in 2018. He is also giving more of his money to social, economic and political groups that will be key in advancing the Democrats over the next 4-years.

It is fair to say that Soros and his associates want to get President Trump out of office in 2020 on They want him to be a one term president. So, they are gearing up to take on Trump in different ways to make this a reality.

George Soros is a big wig within the Democratic Party. He is now supporting key groups that will help the Democrats to advance their cause over the coming years. The American Immigration Council, The New America Foundation, American Constitution Society for Law and Policy and the American Prospect Magazine.

Think tanks and labor groups are also being utilized the Democratic Alliance to combat the rise of the Republican’s influence. The Democratic Alliance and Soros know that they must continue to finance the Democratic ideology. If they don’t the Republican way of life will continue to overtake American society.

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