Full House is Being Revamped

Who can forget the show ‘Full House?’ This show was a icon in the 1980’s. It helped to launch the careers of stars like John Stamos, Candace Cameron and let’s not forget Bob Saget and the troubled twins. When the show ended, fans were dismayed. It had a nice long run, but still fans wanted more. Well, those who had put this one up on the shelf as a classic they loved will be surprised to find it has been picked up once again.

Is it even possible to pick up a show after nearly 20 years and make it a hit again? Though it is official that Stamos, Cameron and others will be back, it is not known if Saget and the Olsen twins will grace us with their presence. This could be a positive move for the twins who have had nothing but drama since they left the sitcom.

Igor Cornelsen recalls that the times have sure changed since they created this show, perhaps they can use some of the real life situations they have been through to write some great TV shows. The only downside is that it will appear on Netflix. Those who don’t have it won’t be able to watch the show. I am sure that Netflix did this as a publicity stunt to help boost their already high membership. The price seems to keep going up on my Netflix account, but then again so does the services they provide. I will gladly pay to watch shows like this being revamped.

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