FreedomPop: Free Internet and Mobile Phone Service Provider

Nowadays many people are searching for phone providers that will not give them any hassle. It’s very unfortunate how many mobile providers aren’t very flexible and affordable with their plans. However, there is a solution! The company FreedomPop is a mobile provider that is sure to offer all their customers many different flexible plans. FreedomPop isn’t one of the big name mobile providers out there, which is extremely sad since their service is much more reliable than most popular mobile providers today. For example, FreedomPop is not harsh with their customers at all. They make sure to welcome and guide new customers, while still managing to keep pleasing their old customers. Secondly, FreedomPop also provides many new and different mobile plans every month in order to conform to everyone’s needs and desires. Lastly, they also update their wireless Internet programs in order to make sure that all their customers have the opportunity to experience free and fast Wi-Fi and keep up with customer feedback on Twitter.

As said before, FreedomPop is free mobile provider and a high-speed Internet service company. FreedomPop promises great service to all their customers and that is exactly what they do! Firstly, FreedomPop has many different kinds of mobile plans that conform to all their customers needs. Nowadays there are several popular mobile providers that charge extremely high prices for their mobile plans. However, FreedomPop does not do this at all! They have 100% free mobile service plans that still allow their customers to do almost anything. Basically, FreedomPop’s mobile plans are just like most mobile providers’ out there except the fact that FreedomPop’s plans are 100% free for all their customers. Secondly, many people think that free mobile service plans are limiting, boring, and ineffective. As said before, FreedomPop serves their customers with no limits at all. They provide all the aspects they desire, but instead with no price and no hassle. Overall, FreedomPop is a better choice over all those money-sucking mobile providers, which everyone on their Facebook page seems to agree with.

FreedomPop also provides a 100% free wireless Internet service. Once again, many people have this very wrong perspective of free Internet. They view it as cheap, inflexible, and very slow. Well, when it comes to FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi, that perspective is completely wrong. Every month FreedomPop updates their Wi-Fi system in order to keep it running smoothly and quickly for all their customers. Of course everyone loves free Wi-Fi, but fast and flexible free Wi-Fi is even better! This is exactly what FreedomPop strives to accomplish. FreedomPop also allows all their customers to place many different types of devices on their free Wi-Fi. No matter how many devices you choose to place on their Wi-Fi, the speed will remain fast and flexible.

Overall, FreedomPop isn’t the most popular mobile and Internet provider out there, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good company. The fact that FreedomPop provides all their customers with free high speed Internet and mobile plans. That is such a great deal to snag! And now FreedomPop announced that it is adding free international calling to its platform. Surely, FreedomPop truly cares about their customers and their needs, it says so on their official website. :)

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