Focus on Brazilian Law and Ricardo Tosto

While Brazil is a former Portuguese colony, its law system has tremendously evolved over the centuries with the latest enactments taking place as recent as in the year 2002. In fact, it has been greatly influenced by foreign legal systems that include the French, German, and Italian systems resulting in what is presently called the Hybrid System. Nevertheless, the law is almost similar to civil law tradition with statutes and the Federal Constitution as the highest law of the land.

With the law are the lawyers, and Brazil is considered the home of lawyers in the world. It has close to a million lawyers who collectively form the ‘Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil’, or just the Brazilian Bar Association. The many law schools dotted across the country are primarily to blame for the amazingly huge number of lawyers. Law firms also color almost all towns in this massive South American state with a sizeable number of them in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro among other major cities.

These firms trace their origin to notable initiatives of some of the earliest lawyers with a good number of them even having foreign affiliations. The law firms encompass teams of lawyers who specialize in many different cases and even handle foreign and international crimes. Some of the common areas that lawyers in Brazil focus on include Banking Contracts, Credit Recovery, Bankruptcy, Administrative Law, Business Restructuring, Election Law, Civil and Commercial Laws among many other practices.

The Brazilian legal system is famous for having produced some of the smartest lawyers in this region of the globe. Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent lawyer and strategist in the Brazil’s legal circles with a large law firm called Tosto e Barros Advogados. He’s an acclaimed lawyer and regularly publishes law articles and journals, lectures across the many law institutions in this expansive nation, and even authors some books.

Ricardo Tosto is a widely lawyer experienced having represented some of the well-known corporations and individuals and registered immense successes. Being among the pioneers in the adoption of several legal mechanisms, Ricardo is also famous for having mentored some of the leading lawyers. His track record is unmatched as he has worked with Grupo Rede, a Brazilian firm where he was their adviser of the matters concerning HR and Legal Management.

Ricardo was Fundação Rede de Previdência Privada’s director and even worked with Grupo Alusa as their legal and administrative superintendent. Following his exemplary work, is a member of several international associations, committees, Alumni associations, and boards of directors. Today, Ricardo works on his firm, following some of the most critical cases, publishes regular legal articles, and advice on particular legal matters.

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