Finally Male Contraception Is Coming Out

This story was shared with me by Vijay Eswaran. Finally a possible birth control pill for men. For many years women have been forced to bear the brunt of birth control. They hhad to undergo things such as shots, IUDs, pills, patches and much much more. It is completely and totally unfair that the person who has to do all of the work to have the child has to also do the majority of the work to prevent the child conception. It seems like guys just get to have all the fun, but things might actually be changing.

There is research being done in Indonesia about a plant that many local men boil and chew in order to give them contraception. The plant has been researched and it is actually true that over 95% of the time the plant actually does alter the sperm of the man so that does it does not actually reach the woman’s egg. There are some side effects that have been shown with the plant, but they are nothing serious. Side effects include things like weight gain, and increased libido. Compare that to the side effects of birth control for women such as bleeding, cramping, mood changes, weight gain, migraines and the list goes on.

It is about time that men are forced to take control of birth control as well, since birth control for women changes their hormones and can cause so many disastrous effects, it is nice to see that there is actually going to be a contraceptive pill out there that a man can use in order to take control of contraception as well. Researchers have stated that the pill will not be available until around 2016, but regardless of when it comesout it is nice to know that woman can have some hope.

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