Eucatex’s Economic Growth in the Mist of Global Environmental Challenges

Brazilian booming business is bringing out world class entrepreneurs and the recent economic growth is a proof of the new age and seasoned individuals giving their all in the business world. One these entrepreneurs include the CEO of Eucatex South America Flavio Maluf. Maluf is a very popular business man known for his investments in the Brazilian economy and also for his ties with the local politics. His father is a former politician and also a reputed business man hence the popularity of the family name in Brazil. Nonetheless, Maluf has not been riding under the shadow of his father rather he has been very ambitious with his own ventures.

Heading the Eucatex Company, Maluf has been very helpful in leading the company’s campaigns against environmental degradation. Eucatex has in many occasions shown interest in managing and controlling the current environmental degradation and this has been one of its very important agenda. The company is a wood products company developing new strategies and alternatives for the Brazilian market. With recent global warming and the degradation of human existence, the company has been on the forefront in saving Mother Nature through strategic reduction of deforestation. Eucatex goal is to come up with new sustainable strategies that can help in salvaging the environment.

Through its thin panels, the company hopes to reduce the effect of destructive industrialization and use of wood products. In addition to these intention, it is also true that the need and demand for these product has been on the rise and the company is not hesitating on ceasing the opportunity. This line of product is actually new in the market but with the current growth in the Brazilian economy, the company is confident that the returns will be worth the while. It is also through a careful market research that the company’s marketing department has identified the growing need for the thin panels.

The company has been preparing to get the new product into the market but it has taken time before it inception into the market. Some of the reasons causing the hesitation on the introduction of the new thin panels in the market were the slow recovery of the Brazilian economy after the global economic crisis. However, soon after the economy had shown prospects of accelerated growth, Eucatex launched the product and began to roll out supplies all over the country. The company is currently enjoying great economies of scale being the only company dealing with thin panels.

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