Eucatex CEO Advocates For Technology In Education

Flavio Maluf serves as the CEO of Eucatex, and his role as CEO allows him a platform to speak up about the state of the nation of Brazil. Flavio is a business innovator who has shown concern for the education sector, has built up his own company with technology innovations and who has a track record for excellence in Brazil. This article explores Flavio’s career, his advocacy for technology in education and his ability to translate ideas into action.

#1: Flavio’s Own Educational Background

Facebook lists that Flavio has a degree in mechanical engineering that he acquired as a young man, and he took that degree with him to his first few jobs in the business world. Flavio took management courses through Citibank, and immediately began to build up his reputation at Eucatex when he began work after working within the Citibank organization. He broadened his horizons before coming over to Eucatex, and he has an education to back up the decisions he makes. More engineers like Flavio are needed to help the Brazilian economy grow into the future.  His career history shows that the company is in good hands though.

#2: Flavio’s Education Lines Up With Eucatex’s Mission

Eucatex is a large paint and construction supply corporation that offers resources to businesses and private residents around South America. The company produces a number of industrial and commercial paints, and the company has a high public profile as its products may be purchased in home improvement stores. Eucatex sells to private corporations through wholesalers, and the company sells to the public in retail outlets. Flavio’s mechanical engineering degree lines up perfectly with the work Eucatex does.

#3: Flavio Advocates For Technology in Education

Flavio recently spoke about the use of technology in education, and he wants teachers to use technology in the proper ways. Technology only helps students if student is capable of manipulating the device they are using, and Flavio wants students to learn how to experiment with the devices they are given. Everything to Flavio is a tool, and he wants students to have the same breadth of experience he has.

Flavio Maluf’s tenure as CEO of Eucatex has shown the company expand across South America, but his advocacy for education is even more important. Flavio has a traditional background in engineering, and he chose to educate himself in management through Citibank. This career path is common in the manufacturing sector, and Flavio wants more students to be viable workers in the global economy.

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