Eric Pulier: Notorious Philanthropist Of CSC

Eric Pulier, General Manager at Computer Sciences Corporation, has spent his career lowering costs and increasing the output of work for the companies he calls home. Part entrepreneur, part philanthropist, Mr. Pulier has led a career that surpasses his time at the Computer Sciences Corporation. By the fourth grade he was already programming computers, and when high school came around he started a computer database company.

In 1984, Eric Pulier started attending Harvard University, studying English and American literature. He was both writer and editor for ‘the Harvard Crimson’. Adding to his time at Harvard, he took some classes at MIT. 1988, Mr. Pulier graduates with great honor from Harvard University. Being an entrepreneur was always an early aspiration. By 1991 he had already found ‘People Doing Things’, an organization dedicated to health care, education, and technology. But, this wasn’t the end of his creative period. Three years later he helped create an interactive agency called ‘Digital Evolution’.

Computer Sciences Corporation’s history is also intriguing. In 1959 the company began, created with a $100 investment thanks to the co-founders. Over the years the CSC involved themselves in different projects. For example, modernizing Air Traffic Control in the United States, 3-D combat simulations, protecting Bluefin Tuna through Big Data tracking, and even the world’s largest helicopter simulation facility. In joining CSC, Eric Pulier helped bring the costs down and make the output of useful projects that much more efficient. CSC may have the money and employees to back he projects, but Eric Pulier is one of the reasons it ran as smoothly as it did. Eric Pulier was brought up in Teaneck in New Jersey.

Pulier has also attained notoriety as a philanthropist over the years. Several non-profit organizations rely on the donations of Eric Pulier, he’s also on the board of the X-Prize Foundation, which tries to solve some of mankind’s most complicated problems and issues. He’s also on the board of a camp for children with chronic illnesses known as ‘Painted Turtle’. These are but a few of the organizations Eric Pulier helps. He’s so notorious in his field that both the President and Vice President of the United States unveiled his work for the ‘Starbright Foundation’.

The General Manager of Computer Sciences Corporation is helmed as the most important entrepreneur operating today and for good reason. He’s a favorite speaker at many events and all through Washington D.C. he’s made his mark. Only time will tell where he’ll go.

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