Eric Pulier Continues to Change the World with Brilliance

Eric Pulier is a father of four, author, public speaker, entrepreneur, technologist, philanthropist and founder of over fifteen companies. Anyone who is familiar with Eric can tell you that he is driven, dedicated and brilliant. Along with his business ventures Eric also is the board of The Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp for children with chronic illness. At the moment Eric lives in Los Angeles with his four children, and continues to thrive as an entrepreneur.

Pulier was raised in Teaneck,New Jersey where he got started computer programming in the fourth grade, by the time Eric started high school he started his own database computer company. It was clear from the start that Eric was an extraordinary mind, and would go far in the fast paced world of technology. Eric began his time at Harvard University in 1984, where he majored in English and American Literature, and became the editor and writer for The Harvard Crimson, where he wrote the column PulierLeg. In 1988 Eric graduated Magna Cum Laude.

In 1991, Eric moved to Los Angeles and founded People Doing Things, a company that addressed social issues like education,and health care with with technology. Shortly after founding PDT, Eric lead the way to build Starlight World, an online social network for chronically ill teens to chat, share and connect with others like them. Starlight World now offers tablets for children’s hospitals, giving children with limited mobility the opportunity connect with the online community, play games and use various other apps.

As a Result of his work with Starlight, Eric took on another project producing computers learning modules for children with diabetes. The program allowed children to travel through their own bodies, and experience for themselves what is happening to the sugar levels in their blood and the affect their diet has on their overall health. Eric’s attention to social issues, and child illness is the driving force behind his success. Eric Pulier is a well known entrepreneur.

Pulier was selected to build and organize the “Bridge to the 21st Century” for Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s 2nd inauguration. The event was held in Washington DC, and Eric was mentioned anytime the even was discussed on various new stations across the US. Eric’s contribution to the event lead to his working with Gore or other projects in the future, including serving on the board for the Center for Telecommunications Management.

Eric’s work as a philanthropist continues to change communities and the lives of children around the world today. As a board member of The Purple Turtle, Eric is giving children that suffer chronic illness a the summer camp experience they deserve, while also catering to their special and individual needs. Eric’s dedication to helping people continues to enhance the lives of people around the world, and will change the way we learn about illnesses forever.

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