End Citizens United’s Grand Match towards Big Money-Free Politics

Since its founding, End Citizens United has remained steadfast in its quest to rid American politics of big money businesses that have held politicians hostage with huge donations to their political campaigns. The political action committee primarily operating at the grassroots level has intensively campaigned for the overturning of the Citizens United‘s ruling by the Supreme Court in 2010, which allowed big businesses unlimited campaign funding. To achieve its desired goal, End Citizens United has adopted an aggressive fundraising initiative that has seen it garner up to $4 million for the first three months of 2017. These funds will be part of the PAC’s war chest for the upcoming 2018 midterm congressional elections in the United States where it seeks to exert greater influence and shape the future of the U.S politics.


The significant amount of funds raised so far by End Citizens United is part of the over $35 million in campaign funds the organization has projected to raise by the next election cycle. If the organization meets this target, it will be a remarkable improvement considering it raised over $25 million during the last election period in 2016. Even more impressive was the 40,000 first time donors who had contributed during the first quarter. This made up close to 40 percent of the donors so far. The funds will be used primarily to finance the campaigns of politicians with reform-oriented policies. End Citizens United has so far thrown their weight behind candidates such as Senator Sherrod Brown, Jon Ossoff and Senator Jon Tester. These are Democratic Party candidates vying for elective posts in states with Ossoff seeking to fill the vacant Congressional seat in Georgia in a special by-election. Its aggressive approach also includes partnering with over organizations to push through their agenda. Additionally, the organization ensures that no single donor can donate over $5,000.


Organizational Profile


Founded in 2015, End Citizens United has been on the front row to challenge the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United in 2010. The organization primarily receives donations from grassroots donors who believe in their cause aimed at pushing for a reform of the current U.S election campaign financing laws, which give big businesses to influence the electoral process in the country. To overturn the ruling that entrenched the ‘corporations are people’ ideology, End Citizens United actively finance the campaign ads for various candidates, which it believes will implement the right policies that will undo the disastrous effects if the 2010 landmark ruling.


End Citizens United has therefore brought on board highly experienced individuals who have extensive experience in matters elections. The Washington, DC-based organization is currently headed by Tiffany Muller who serves as the president and chief executive officer. It has adopted a multi-tiered leadership system that allows for efficiency and effective delivery of services and its core objective.

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