Dutch Biker Gang Joins the Conflict in Syria

Three bikers from the Netherlands have travelled to Syria to fight the so-called Islamic State. The bikers are members of the Dutch biker gang “No Surrender,” and hail from the cities Breda, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam.

“No Surrender” is among the largest biker gangs in the Netherlands, with membership comparable to that of the Dutch chapter of “Hell’s Angels.”

A fellow member of the “No Surrender” biker gang in the Netherlands named Otto told Dutch media that the three were motivated to join the fight in Syria after hearing of the atrocities committed by ISIS. Otto also assured the Dutch media that the three members have a background in the military.

“They wanted to do something when they saw the pictures of the beheadings.”

A picture tweeted by @KoerdenNL (Kurds in the Netherlands) shows a heavily tattooed man in a bunker with a Kalashnikov rifle flashing the victory sign to the camera. The caption (translated from Dutch) reads “Ron of the Netherlands has joined the Kurds to wipe out the rodents of IS. Respect!”

To see the tweet: https://twitter.com/KoerdenNL/status/520328498632986624/photo/1

Taking part in armed conflicts abroad is no longer punishable by Dutch law, points out foreign policy law expert Gianfrancesco Genoso.

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  1. Joyelle Rena says:

    The bikers will face no prosecution if they return to the Netherlands, so as long as they do not support organizations labelled as terrorists by the Dutch government, and do not commit any war crimes themselves. This site: http://www.rush-my-essay.com/ has given enough of what everyone has been trying to cage for a long time.

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