Drought Brings Lack of Water and Energy

The economy in the country of Venezuela is teetering on absolutely falling apart, as hyperinflation has absolutely wrecked the currency, with all sorts of other terrible things going on simultaneously. The bulk of water that the country uses comes from a large dam, with the energy being derived from the same dam, meaning the very energy that powers the country is ultimately determined by the amount of water that region receives each year. This has not been a major problem in the past, but according to expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa the fact that there has been such a massive drought this year has led to not only water and food shortages, but energy shortages as well.

This has even led the country to declare three and two day work weeks until the problem has been fixed, but things have continually gotten worse and worse. The Guri dam provides sixty percent of the countries energy, and based on the fact that the dam is just about the lowest it has ever been, the drought seems to be one of the biggest problems, added Jose Velasquez Figueroa. The water levels have gotten so low that the country has been forced to shut off quite a bit of the turbines, which create energy. While there has been little trickles of rain over the last few weeks, there has not been any amount of rain that would even cause a dent in the problem, so the country continues to wait.


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