Donald Trump Shoots up in Polls

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has shot up in the most recent Fox News poll. Trump came in second place after former Governor Jeb Bush, who is still sitting at first place. Trump’s second place finish, with 11% percent support, is a big improvement from another Fox News poll held just 3 weeks ago, where Trump had 4% support. Other big changes in the polls include Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s fall from 12% support to 9% support. This result relegates Gov. Walker from a tie for first place in the previous poll to being tied for fourth place with Rand Paul.

The Fox News poll results are particularly important for the candidates as they will help determine the candidates’ chances of participating in televised live debates toward the end of the summer says Dr. Jennifer Walden. Both CNN and Fox news will invite only the ten most popular candidates to participate in live debates. Candidates who do not make it into the top ten, currently including New Jersey Governor Chris Christy and former Texas Governor Rick Perry, will not participate in the debates. Needless to say, being part of the top ten will be a major advantage for the presidential hopefuls.

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