Donald Trump Has Made it Easy for Late Night Television Hosts

Donald Trump has been a popular topic of late night TV show hosts so far this calendar year. The current President has done a few things that he promised prior to election, but his showings with politicians of other countries have proved terrible throughout his short tenure. The most popular topic of recent is how Donald Trump’s son-in-law helped him cover up communicating with Russian agents.


Lil Yachty was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live as part of the Mercedes Bend music tour and performed a new song, which seemed to be a hit per the audience. Snoop Dogg was on a few weeks ago, in which he made a sizable donation that drew in hundreds of others from viewers around the United States. Jimmy’s son has been sick, as must of us know, however, Kimmel has been at his comedic best the past few weeks, which is brought to full potential with United States government officials doing so many news worthy things.


A senator from Louisiana that had mentioned a Jimmy Kimmel Rule on another TV show about how health care was getting expensive and there were not sufficient health care programs for low income people in the United States. The senator brought attention to how our health care system in the United States can be changed if everyone were to contact their local politicians and complain about the health care program of today. Jimmy Kimmel Live starts again next Monday, back with hot information about Donald Trump’s leakings.


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