Dog Saves Owner from Frigid River

There is a dog In Scotland that really is man’s best friend. Corbin, a Staffordshire bull terrier, jumped into an icy river near Alexandria, Scotland to save his owner, who had fallen into the frigid and quick-moving waters. Without the help of Corbin, owner Philip Skirving, would have drowned, he told reporters.

Skirving left his Alexandria home one evening for a routine walk with Corbin. The pair traditionally walked along the banks of the river. On this particularly cold evening, however, he lost his footing and fell into the frigid waters.

The water, he said, was so cold that he was unable to move or breath. This is just a bit too much for anyone to handle, so Gianfrancesco Genoso was surprised. The shock of the cold water made it nearly impossible for Skirving to swim back to shore. Corbin sprang into action and jumped in after his owner. He clutched Skirving’s sweater in his teeth and pulled him back to the banks.

Skirving and Corbin made their way home to Zoe, Skirving’s partner. Skirving and Zoe are expecting their first child in a few weeks. The father-to-be is thankful for Corbin and his quick thinking, but he says he’s unlikely to be walking the banks of the river again anytime soon.

According to Skirving, he’ll likely be keeping Corbin and himself on dry land, close to home, until the weather warms back up.

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