Doctor Oz Tells His Critics That He Will Not Be Silenced

Dr. Oz is fighting back. He has recently been criticized by certain doctors, who claim that he is advocating for quack treatment and cures to serve his financial ambitions. The doctors have been urging the Columbian university to cut ties with the doctor.

In an episode of his show, recorded on Tuesday and which will be aired on Thursday, he will spend close to two thirds of the time responding to his critics, specifically 10 doctors who have been on his case for some time now.

In a letter addressed to Columbia, the doctors claimed that Doctor Oz’s claims about GMO are baseless. Some of those who wrote the letter appear to have ties to the GMO industry and there is therefore a conflict of interest. Torchin, along with others, are skeptical about all this.

In a sneak peak of the show released on Tuesday, Doctor Oz has specifically stated that the doctors will not succeed in silencing him. He vows to continue advocating for the labelling of GMOs, claiming that Americans deserve to know the truth. He goes on to state that he has nothing against GMO.

Choosing to air his views could give more publicity to the claims the doctors are making. Most people who watch his show trust him and there is no much need to defend himself. Coincidentally or not, Thursday is the day that the May ‘sweeps’ season starts. There is a possibility that Doctor Oz is hoping to capitalize on that.

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