Discover the Recent Achievements of Jim Dondero

Highland Capital Management Corporation is a registered adviser on investment that has more than $20 billion worth of assets under its management. The total value of the property includes those that are owned by its affiliates. The company was founded by Jim Dondero and Okada Mark. Highland Capital Management is the biggest and the most practical alternative for credit managers globally. The firm recently hired Terry Jones as the President of Institutional Products. Highland is known to specialize in the credit strategies that comprise of the credit hedge funds, separate accounts, long only accounts, collateralized loan obligations, and distressed situation private equity. Over the years, the company has diversified its operations to include public pension plans, high net-worth individuals, endowments, foundations, corporations, fund of funds, financial institutions, governments, and the high net worth individuals. Highland company has its head office in Dallas, Texas, and it has its offices in Sao Paolo, New York, Singapore, and Seoul.

Just recently, the firm was awarded the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award. The award was in the category of “40 Act fund-equity”. According to Jim, the award was a testament of the profound experience and the expertise in the healthcare investment of the entire team that works for the Highland company.

The HFM US Hedge Fund award is given to the hedge funds, the fund of funds, and the ’40 Act funds that have been able to perform better than their peers. The performance is mainly based on the quantitative and the qualitative factors. The judges who decide the winner are known to take into consideration the performance data of the recent five years and also the history of the manager and the general repute of the investors.

The company’s Long and Short Healthcare Fund is supervised and administered by Michael Gregory. Gregory is the managing director and also the head of the Credit and Equity at the company. The healthcare sector is the firm’s largest and the most profitable investment sector, and it is known to be worth more than $3 billion in assets that are under the management. The entire firm has a hardworking and a dedicated team of about 11 healthcare sector specialists who possess a combined experience of 130 years. According to Jim and Gregory, the firm is focused on providing a strong performance to the investors, and the award that they had received was a testament to the company’s success in their investment process, risk investment infrastructure, and the general hard work of the entire team.

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